Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yes, its the Occupational Therapist.

Since I've been looking for a job, recently I have been calling and getting calls from places that offer OT services. I already have my grade and my provisional license but still, it feels so weird for me to describe myself as and Occupational Therapist instead of an OT student.

I went to Guadalajara, Mexico this April and the security guy at the airport asked me what was my occupation. I  remained silent for a couple of seconds thinking that I'm not a student anymore but I am not and official OT either. I ended up telling him "Occupational Therapy Student". It seems that my hesitation made him suspicious as he asked me several uncomfortable questions after that like: "how did you afford this trip if you're a student?" 

I think once I have an actual OT job it won't be so difficult to tell the world that I am a proud Occupational Therapist!

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