Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NBCOT preparation time!!


I'm currently studying for the NBCOT certification exam. I plan to take it the first week of June or the last of May, not sure yet.  Started studying a couple of weeks ago when I came back from a cruise vacation with my classmates. We had soo much fun! I can't say the same thing about studying though.

I bought the famous Therapy Ed book by Rita Fleming that everyone recommends. I also have the NBCOT study guide. Today I started chapter 6 of the Therapy Ed book. Chapters 4 and 5 were eternal, but this one seems more manageable.

 My plan is to not get stuck in the chapters for a long time, since I probably don't need to memorize things in such a specific way, just have an idea to be able to use the information in clinical situations. I want to focus more in taking the practice tests, and learning the tricks to analyze the questions fast. Then, I can review the areas in which I need reinforcement.

Is anyone out there who recently took the exam and has any recommendations for me?

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