Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lesson #9: It's ok to be goofy sometimes!

One thing I have learned through my OT classmates since the beginning is that it is ok to be goofy sometimes. My group is very creative, fun and we have been very close since the first days of OT school. Even though we are very different people, we share the same values and beliefs, which made us choose this profession.

 Ok, going back to the goofiness, Michael Iwama, the creator of the "Kawa Model" (https://www.facebook.com/KawaModel?fref=ts) made a Harlem Shake video with OT students from his program and challenged OT students from all over the world to a Harlem Shake showdown. At first as a group, we thought the Harlem Shake was lame and didn't want to participate until Iwama challenged us. But I got to say, even if it looks lame when you watch other Harlem Shakes, it is very fun to make one yourself! I have laughed so much watching it. Each time I see another of my classmates doing crazy things!

 I have learned that sometimes you have to let your pride aside and open yourself to have fun! Hey, if it’s fun and doesn't hurt anybody....why not?

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