Sunday, August 5, 2012

New beginning

Tomorrow I start my second year as an OT student and I haven't even finished writting about the lessons from the first year yet! I'm excited because this year I will start to take more practical classes about pediatric OT, physical and psychosocial dysfunction. But, at the same time I feel really tired because of the trip and from moving my things to the house I'm staying, so for tonight I can't think about writing lessons. I'll try to catch up in this first days of the semester. OT love for all <3


  1. So great to see that you're taking time to reflect on lessons learned during OT school! Believe me, it will all blur together by the time you graduate. I did a similar thing while in OT school: Now I work in pediatrics and blog at Stop by sometime and let me know if you have any questions! -Christie Kiley, MA, OTR/L

    1. I am subscribed to Mama OT and I love it! This semester I will start my first course in Pediatrics so I'll probably be checking your blog more often.I will also have a look at OT Journey. Thanks for the support!