Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lesson #3: Accepting your mistakes in public helps you grow

June 6, 2012.

At the beginning of this blog, I wanted to write the lessons in the same order I had learned them. But the truth is that it is a little difficult. I have a notebook with the titles of the lessons I want to write about in order, but sometimes (like right now) I feel more inspired to write about something more recent. Here it goes:

It is very difficult for me to accept my own mistakes. Not so much to myself as to others. Probably because of pride, fear of feeling humiliated and inferior or simply because of shame.  A lot of times we fear being judged or criticized for our mistakes. But, with time I have learned that accepting my mistakes in public is liberating. There will always be who will want to humiliate you and who will be glad that you made a mistake, but today I am convinced that accepting that I'm wrong doesn't make me inferior to others, it only shows, that as a person, I know how to grow.

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