Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The gain of a friend

What's left of my gift 
I want to make a stop to talk about the little chocolate interchange that my OT class group decided to make for Valentine's day. It was something really sweet, since we decided that along with the chocolates we will give our secret friend a little card or something with the positive attributes of that person. My secret friend got me 6 strawberries with chocolate and 5 kisses and in each one she put a positive characteristic about me. Some of them where: leader, responsible, creative and perseverant.We had a lot of fun at a local pizza place interchanging the chocolates and the cards that, by the way, were VERY creative! Besides the strawberries and kisses my fried gave me this quote which I would like to share:

"Each new friend that we gain in the race of life improves us and enriches us more because of what he discovers about ourselfs, that what he gives us about himself"-A.R.

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